There are hundreds of impressive wedding photographers & designers in our beloved hometown of Melbourne alone. So we think it's more important to give you a sense of who we are.


We truly believe that shooting weddings is a privilege and an honour. You're giving us access to capture some of the most intimate and special moments of your life. It's only fair we share a little about ourselves.


Deena Verawati
graphic Designer

From the early age of 6 Deena loved to dance. From traditional Indonesian dancing to popping & locking, she's done it all.

But Deena was clearly meant to be a designer. She has an obsession with texture, and designs invitation suites with a certain type of paper and texture in mind. She's also been known to rub paper over her face if she really loves it!

Frank Drakos
Photographer & Videographer

Frank is passionate about Greece. It's highly likely that he has Greek music pumping right now! Frank lived in Greece at a young age and has since travelled through Asia and Europe where he found his love for photojournalism.

Frank's known for his stories and can go days on end talking about his travel experiences and life in general. So when Frank asks if we want to sit down for a coffee, we say "Yes!" and prepare ourselves for a story or three!

Matt Rosamilia

For those occasions when we need a second photographer we call in our great friend (and all round nice guy) Matt.

When Matt's not taking photos with us at weddings, you'll find him shooting architecture through Melbourne. And when he's not doing that, he's probably at home curing his own meat. Well, we hope so anyway... We love it when he brings over a good homemade Italian prosciutto!

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