Dear Bali Virgins

"Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!"

No, that's not you calling out for a taxi upon arrival in Bali, that's the sound of 10 Balinese men calling out to you while trying to take your bags out of your hands and shuffling you to their taxi. Meanwhile, you're trying to get your bearings, while making sure your family and friends are still close by and wondering why these men speak such good english.

Now, I don't know about you but I absolutely hate being talked at, especially after a long flight, even worse if it's by a group of random men. Nu-uh! All I want to do is get to my hotel room, find the closest beach, and put my feet up. Now is that too much too ask?

Fortunately for you, this post is not a rant about people yelling at an airport. I'm here to tell you that I know the secret to getting around Bali in peace and without getting ripped off! Are you ready for this? Let's dive in!

the airport

Don't expect to save your money here. Bali airport has its own airport taxi service and doesn't allow any other form of transport service to pick up passengers unless they are from your hotel, or a local family or friend. If your hotel offers a pick up service, I suggest you take advantage of that, because you will most likely be paying the same price as an airport taxi anyway. This way, you won't get hassled by taxi drivers, as your designated driver will already be there ready to rescue you. HOORAY! 

If you don't have any other mode of transportation. Don't try negotiating prices with the taxi drivers themselves. Head straight to the taxi service desk and let them know where you're going. They'll work out a price for you there. 


So you've made it through the mayhem, and here you are taking in the sites of beautiful Bali. Now it's time to explore, but how do you get around. First thought "taxi" Not this old story again...YUCK! Thankfully, there are a range of taxi services in Bali, all with their own method of payment. Lesson #1: Don't jump into a taxi with no meter. Unless of course you're an expert negotiator and can haggle your way down to nothing. For everyone else, there's BlueBird. All BlueBird taxi's have a policy to always turn on their meters, and if they don't, you can write down their details and report it to their office.

SWEET! You're done! Never get ripped off again right?.... wrong. Some areas in Bali don't allow taxis in to pick up passengers... damn. Now what?

Onto the next one.

uber vs grab

There are so many different modes of transport in Indonesia it's hard to keep up. But here's something a little more familiar, Uber. We all know how it works, it's quick, it's safe and it's easy. Problem solved..... right? Nope! Wrong again.

Uber are also restricted from entering certain areas in Bali. There is an alternative, and if you're familiar with ride sharing in south east asia, you may also know Grab. Grab works the same way as Uber, so it should be easy to switch between the 2. If all else fails, you can always go back to the good old fashioned taxi (See Bluebird above).


If you're traveling alone, why not jump on a motorbike with Gojek. They can literally take you anywhere. And although this may not be the most comfortable of options, it certainly is more fun! Ooh, and they also have a food delivery service. Yass!

kura-kura bus

If you don't mind doing a bit of walking, you can always take the Kura-Kura Bus. You can't miss this cute little turtle on wheels. Apart from being super cute, this bus has a range of different routes taking you all around the main attractions of Bali. It's also unbelievable cheap to ride and with free wifi onboard, you can't go wrong!