Step Two: The Guest List

but, they're all my best friends


Writing up the guest list is probably the hardest and most tedious part of the whole event organising process. How do you decide who comes to your engagement? How do you decide who comes to your wedding? What's the difference between an engagement party and a wedding these days? Who are they, and why are they invited? Why can't we invite everybody? Ok, that's it! NOBODY'S INVITED!

It's tough, you have to make what feels like life or death decisions. So much pressure deciding who makes the cut. But you have to do it, and here's how we did ours.


First and foremost we had to make sure we invited our immediate family and relatives. From my side of the family, my dad comes from a family of 8 siblings and my mum comes from a family of 11. According to my calculations that's 19 aunties and uncles, who are all married which makes that 38 aunties and uncles. They all have 2-4 children each which makes that, give or take 114 cousins, which brings us to around 150. On the other hand, Frank is Greek and uhh... have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Poor Ian Miller only got to invite his parents!

So yeah getting our families together under one roof was going to be tough. We also both have a large group of friends. And if you know Frank, everybody is his best friend (bless his cotton socks). So with approximately 300 family members and a gazillion best friends, we needed a way to break it down to a solid 100.

Shot we took at Marc & Cloe's engagement party last year.  View more photos

Shot we took at Marc & Cloe's engagement party last year. View more photos

the divide

We ended up dividing our lists into 4 lists

  1. Her Family
  2. Her Friends
  3. His Family
  4. His Friends

We then listed absolutely everybody we knew under these 4 categories so that we didn't miss anybody. Once everybody was listed, we started removing people that we didn't mutually know, and people we hadn't spoken to a long time or aren't really close with anymore (Note: We didn't delete them, we just moved them to a safe place incase we decide they're our best friends later). Then we divided it further to turn those lists into 3 location lists and marked off who we would invite to each location.

  1. Melbourne
  2. Indonesia
  3. Greece

And that's it! It made complete sense once it was done. And now we're ready to actually get to the fun stuff.... PLANNING!


I've perfected the guest list spreadsheet that I used, to make it easier for you to list and organise your guests for your engagement, wedding ceremony and reception in one simple document. It comes fully labeled, colour coded, and even automatically calculates the number of guests invited to each occasion. 

Because luckily for you, I'm a little OCD like that! Download it for free now x