Step Four : The Invitations cont.

part two | the colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme can be as simple as picking your favourite colour. But you also need to take into consideration whether or not that colour fits in with your theme. For example, say your favourite colour is yellow, this colour might go well with a summer beach theme, but might not go so well with a winter vineyard theme.

Here's are a couple of examples of invitations and menus we have designed that used colour.









In each design, we have tried to keep number of colours to a maximum of 2, focusing more on the primary colour and only using the secondary colour to accent certain elements of the design. By doing this, the design stays clean and simple. Less is always more!

colour tip

We recommend choosing no more than two complimentary colours, and using these colours subtly throughout your styling. Using too many colours can look cluttered and unorganised, and using too much of one colour can be overpowering. 

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— Deena | Graphic Designer