Step Four : The Invitations cont.

part four | paper choices

Never underestimate the power of paper. The way it looks and feels makes a massive difference to the way that your guests will view your wedding. Paper also plays a major role in printing as you will need different paper stocks and paper weights to print certain methods such as letterpress printing, gold foil stamping or digital printing. But we will cover the printing side of things on another post. For now, lets go through what kinds of paper we can print your wedding invitations on.


Coated paper includes gloss or matte finished stocks. These paper stocks are smooth to touch and best used for digital printing. Coated paper stocks generally only come in white and give you the flexibility to print any custom digital design onto them.


Uncoated paper includes textured paper such as linen, recycled, cotton or handmade paper stocks. Not all of these stocks can be fed through standard digital printers, so you may need to consider other printing methods to make it work. Uncoated paper comes in varied colour choices from white through to black.


Metallic paper stocks have have a shimmery look to them and are slightly textured. Metallic paper stocks can be fed through digital printers and come in varied colour choices.

Once you have chosen the type of paper stock, you will need to consider the paper weight. All paper stocks come in different weights starting from 80gsm which is your standard photocopy paper to 600gsm which is a thick card stock which can be used for letterpress printing.

paper tip

As a general rule for wedding invitations, try and find paper stocks that weigh no less than 300gsm so your invitations feel sturdy and don't flop in your guests hands.