Step Four : The Invitations cont.

part five | printing options

The final step to getting your wedding invitations made is obviously to print them. There are so many different printing and finishing techniques that it can get quiet time consuming and expensive.


Because there are so many forms of printing, I am just going to run through the 3 most common methods of printing for wedding invitations.

Digital Printing 
This is the most common printing method as everybody knows it, understands it, and it's the most time and cost effective. 

Letterpress Printing
Letterpress printing is a technique of relief printing using a printing press. This is quiet an old printing process where a direct impression of a design is pressed onto sheets of paper. The end result is gorgeous but is quiet expensive. The more colours used in the process, the more expensive it becomes. Most letterpressed invitations are printed with 1 colour. After all, less is always more. 

Foil printing is pleasing to look at. Although foil printing can be done in a wide variety of colours, the most commonly used colour is the gold foil to create a luxe style wedding invitation. There are a few ways to create the foil finish and this depends greatly on the type of paper stock you choose, so if you're wanting to get foiling done to your invitations, make sure you take a look at your paper options first!

Example: A combination of letterpress and gold foil printing.

Example: A combination of letterpress and gold foil printing.


Aaaand to complete your invitations, we have the finishing touches. You can always go with a standard finish and just have your wedding invitations cut to size and you're done! But if you want your invitations to be extra special, you can always consider the following.

Have your invitations cut to a different shape like a circle instead of rectangle or square.

Laser cutting
Get patterns cut out of your invitations to give it more dimension.

Edge Painting or Edge Foiling
Paint the edges of your invitations in either your theme colour or using the same foil colour you used on the invitation to give it that extra "edge"

Have a section of your invitation perforated so your guests can tear off things like the RSVP to send back to you.

printing tip

Take your time when considering how you're going to print your invitations. You don't want to spend countless hours designing a beautiful invitation to print the masterpiece onto a standard piece of paper. Remember this is your first impression... make it a good one!

Do you need help with your invitations?
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— Deena | Graphic Designer