Step Three: The Venue

How to cram your friends and family in one room 101


Now that the guest list is "done" we've moved on to the venue hunting. We've tried not to restrict ourselves too much on our criteria, and by keeping our options open we're hoping to score a hidden gem that we may not have thought about looking at. We do however have a preferred style which is somewhere between a garden and a warehouse. We want the space to be big enough to hold all of our guests, but small enough to keep it intimate. Surely with all of the venues Melbourne has to offer, there must be something out there to suit us!

Keeping in mind that we are inviting around 100 guests, we started the google hunt.

Hidden City Secrets

The first site we stumbled across was Hidden City Secrets. This site is amazing, as it lists hundreds of different venues that you can search from throughout Australia. You can search by Popularity, Event style, or even by the style of venue (e.g Laneway, Rooftop, Warehouse etc.) With so many options to choose from, we went a little nuts opening every single venue up in a new tab and emailing each and every one of them to see if they were available. We went to bed happy, ready to take on the world the next day.

Lo and behold, the very next day, our emails were flooded and our phones were going off from all of the venues responding to our requests. That's when we realised that what we thought was a productive night of venue hunting turned out to be chaos the next day. We had no idea who was calling us, we had forgotten which venue was what, and had to back track and re-research each venue to see which ones we actually liked. It was a headache!

So then I devised a plan. I created a table to list exactly which venues we liked, and made sure we knew the costs involved, how many guests they could hold, how to contact them and made sure I had all of my questions ready if anything was missing off that list. It made life so much easier to see everything written down.

I have included a printable of what I used to list the venues as a free download, SCORE!
You'll find the link at the bottom of this post.

Venue Insider

The Venue Insider is another great site to look at for venues. It has more of an Airbnb type vibe to it where it lists the venues on one side of the page and also gives you an option to search the venues using the map, which is super convenient. Apart from the convenience, we also loved the quality of the venues that were shown on the site. As good as it was that Hidden City Secrets had such a large list of venues to choose from, we really had to sift through the good and the bad. With the Venue Insider, all of the venues are amazing and literally listed all of our top picks. Definitely one to check out!


keep track of all your favourite wedding venues and download the venue listing printable here for free!