Step One: Panic!

So it's official. Deena & Frank are engaged!


I'm not usually one to agree to fly off to a winter destination. But when Frank said "Japan", my tickets were booked and off we went! And what an amazing trip it turned out to be as we hit another milestone in our relationship.

It was one cold Tokyo night when Frank somehow managed to find a quiet location and popped the question! It was that very moment when we both burst into confetti from so much joy and excitement. We told our families, made it "Facebook official" and everybody was incredibly happy and excited and congratulated us and WOOHOO!! WE'RE ENGAGED!

Frank and I, all engaged and stuff in Tokyo.

Frank and I, all engaged and stuff in Tokyo.

what now?

So after the excitement of a proposal and announcement of an engagement, what really happens next in the mind of a bride-to-be? PANIC!

The first thing I did was look for my engagement dress (just getting my priorities straight, you know how it is). Then I started thinking about who we were going to invite, "ooh! Our parents, brother, sister, best friend, their partner, relatives, their partners, their children, family friends, their partners, their children" *breathe*.

Then I started thinking about how we were going to fit everybody into one building. "Hrmm, maybe we can do it in a garden? hire a venue? do it in our tiny backyard? find someone who has a big backyard?" Eep!

Then after thinking about all the costs per head, I started thinking about cutting down our guest list, and then I realised that I've only been thinking about planning the engagement party and haven't even started thinking about the actual wedding. O... M... G!

Being a wedding vendor, sometimes it's easy to forget how hard it actually is to plan a wedding. Hats off to all the Brides and Grooms who have successfully planned their entire wedding day. You guys ROCK!

In saying that, I've decided I'm going to blog about our wedding planning experience so newly engaged couples can read through this and learn from our mistakes haha! Oh did I tell you that we're planning to do this in 3 countries?! Oh yeah.... this is going to be fun!

Stay tuned x